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Customer Experience Insights

Our Customer Experience specialists engage with your existing & potential customers to dissect your brand and products to understand what works and what does not work. Our team employs a range of resources and techniques to get as much detail as possible to help you and your business consolidate your strengths as well as fill in any shortcomings with your product and service offerings. Our continent-wide reach is particularly useful for large multinational brands that have operations across Africa.

Market Analytics

Understanding the market your business operates well can make the difference between profitability and loss. Africon’s Market Analytics service gives our clients large amounts of accurate, well-organized and interactive data on the market. This data ranges from sales, consumer spending trends, production and marketing. This data helps our clients to understand trends and identify market patterns.

Qualitative Research

Our qualitative research service gets us close and personal with your business’ existing and prospective customers. This engagement is conducted through a range of channels including focus groups, in-depth interviews and online surveys. All the qualitative insights gathered are then interpreted to help your business take the right action to achieve its goals.

Competitor Benchmarking

Africon provides world-class competitor benchmarking services that tell our customers exactly where they stand in relation to their competition. We collect and compare a large set of performance metrics over extended periods of time to paint a clear and reflective picture on our clients’ position. Also, we tell our clients what advantages they have over the competition as well as deficits they need to address.